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Instructions to Cook your Samosas

There are many ways to cook your love pockets... Our favorite way, is to fry them and make them golden-brown Obviously delicious. Defrost Instructions Keep frozen. Do not refreeze after thawing. Remove samosa and chutney from tray. Defrost samosa in microwave oven (1100 watts) on high setting as follows: -4 pieces -110 seconds (1 min. 50 sec.). Place your Samosas in your Oven at 350 for 14-17 min ( add a little cooking spray before placing in pan) Place Oil in your Pan: and heat until 300-320 degrees. Cook for about 6-7 min

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Ode to 2020

2020, you made me to the man I am right now. You forced me to create something out of necessity and love. You were okay 2020, but im glad your done.  

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